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For a number of years this was the website for Wusik Magazine offering information about Wusikstation VSTi Synth and its peripherals. In addition, there were contributors writing numerous interesting articles.
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This site is a database of articles and sounds, an online magazine. It covers our products (Wusikstation VSTi Synth and its peripherals) and also various other synths from around the net, along with general interest articles for support and enhancement of the musician's life, be they professional or home users.

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Who We Are

Wusik Dot Com is on of those amazing new Internet success stories one reads about in Magazines like Time or Newsweek. Created by William Kalfelz (WilliamK) while searching for the dream synthesizer he personally desired, it has since blossomed, with the help of his wife MoniKe, into what might be called Wusik enterprises with Wusikstation, Wusik Label (its music publishing arm),  and of course, Wusik Magazine.

The star of the show, Wusikstation, remains a top selling virtual synthesizer that is produced in the virtual instrument (VSTi) plugin format. It's sounds originate in sample format and are then sent  through a large variety of digital processors, all adjustable by the user. Due to the rich sample format used the sound quality is exceptional even to the ear of music professionals. As well as sterling sound, the synthesizer boast some remarkable graphics for its appearance. You can see a typical graphical user interface (GUI) of Wusikstation in the picture below. But since they can be created by creative users with computer graphics skills, there is a large gallery of appearances (skins) for it that are free to those who own Wusikstation.

Wusik Label, the Magazine's sister company, is a music publishing site where members have an outlet for composition created by them on a variety of instruments, mostly electronic. There their music finds both a public outlet and sales site and appears with interesting and engaging artwork in the ilk of album covers. The site is worth visiting just to listen and view.

Enjoy your stay, register and join the avid fans and contributors of Wusik Magazine and help us move into the future of Internet art and music.

Wusik Sound Magazine December 2008  

December 2008 issue from WusikSoundMagazine.com



Samplitude Music Studio 2008
Written by Johan Vaxelaire  
Monday, 21 April 2008 19:48
Magix Samplitude Music Studio: perhaps you have already seen this name in the software rays of some big multimedia stores. Here in France, it can even be seen in supermarkets. It may seem surprising to find a sequencer in stores of common consumption, especially since it is now branded Samplitude. Some of you may have doubts concerning this sequencer so let us see what it actually offers.

Chris Sciurba - aka Ugo
Written by Rurik Leffant  
Thursday, 17 April 2008 18:19
Chris Sciurba - aka Ugo from www.ugoaudio.com

I became a musician but I have almost no formal training in music, I do not know theory, and I cannot sight read sheet music. So in place of a knowledge of the written language and structure of music, I applied a combination of my ears and my analysis of visual art to the study of music. As a result, instead of consciously thinking of music in terms of scales, intervals, and time signatures, I find myself thinking of music more in terms of texture, shape, physical depth, layering, placement, movement, shade, etc., and this applies to both sound design and composition...
The Emotive Force Of Music
Written by Mark Killey  
Thursday, 17 April 2008 17:04
Music is a universal language shared by people worldwide. It speaks where words and text can often fail us. Music has helped shape the world, just like visual art, influencing our everyday lives. Art has made the world we live in: music is just another art form.
Music has had a profound emotional effect on people. Scientific papers have been written on the topic and studies have recorded the brainwaves of volunteers as they listened to different types of music. Personally, I have felt chills, tingling sensations on my head, going down my spine, up my spine and other parts of my body. These sensations are real and I am sure others have felt them too.

HQ Synthetica Complete
Written by WilliamK  
Wednesday, 16 April 2008 00:00
Wusikstation VSTi Sounds
Only $ 9.95 USD
This is the previously HQ Synthetica Volumes 1 to 15 combined and divided into 2 sets.
All sounds were sampled several keys per octave, and in some cases even all keys.
Mostly sampled at higher resolutions and down-sampled to 44.1/48khz.
Over 2 Gig of Sounds.
The Wusikstation + Cobalt Song Contest
Written by Leslie Sanford  
Wednesday, 16 April 2008 00:00
Wusik Dot Com and Sanford Sound Design have teamed together
to create the Wusikstation + Cobalt Song Contest.

Write a song using the demo versions of  the Wusikstation and
Cobalt and get your chance to win a release copy of both!
Plucked Instruments
Written by Leslie Sanford  
Monday, 14 April 2008 19:11
In this article, I’ll be describing the basics for programming plucked instrument sounds using Cobalt. If you would like, you can download a demo (Cobalt Demo) of Cobalt to follow along with this tutorial.
However, any modest subtractive synth will work as well. The follow techniques I describe are general and will work on a wide range of synthesizers.
I’ll use a clean electric bass guitar as an example of a specific plucked instrument. My hope is that by the end of the article, you’ll have a solid handle on programming not just a bass guitar but plucked instruments in general.
Flying Haggis - by db audioware
Written by A. Arsov  
Wednesday, 09 April 2008 18:46
Flying Haggis interface looks like a Pop Art reproduction of a classic hardware guitar amp. It is a funny blue little beast with a sort of futuristic-retro look, almost childlike in a kind and likeable way. It reminds us, that playing guitar should be fun and joyful. So, enough about the visual part of the deal: how does it smell, taste and sound? Ladies and Gentleman, Dear president, it is time for... ...The Sound of a Flying Haggis: "Swiiiish" with a "splat" at the end, I presume, but let's talk get back to talking about the guitar amp...
Orchestral Lite Complete
Written by WilliamK  
Sunday, 06 April 2008 10:00
Wusikstation VSTi Sounds

Only $ 9.95 USD
All 3 previously released Orchestral Lite 1+2+3 in one Complete set.

MP3 Example
Wusikstation Beat Slicing Video Tutorial
Written by WilliamK  
Tuesday, 15 April 2008 00:00
Beat Slicing Tutorial for Wusikstation V4
How to mangle Drum-Loops by using the Wavesequencing and Beat Shifting plus the Modulation-Matrix from Wusikstation V4.x.x
Download Flash Video
You can also visit our YouTube section for more video tutorials:
Physical Set Complete
Written by WilliamK  
Sunday, 13 April 2008 00:00
Wusikstation VSTi Sounds
Only $ 9.95 USD
This is the previously Physical One Set + Over 1 Gig of new sounds and a total of 70 presets.
Uncompressed Size: 1.57 Gig - Compressed to 610 Meg. (WinRar by Rarsoft.com)
40 HQ Stereo Sounds + 70 Presets
MP3 Example
Beat me, Smash me, Squeeze me.
Written by A. Arsov  
Monday, 07 April 2008 19:51
Voxengo Elephant!

Is an excellent value for the money. It has few presets that cover almost all music styles. No, they don't have names like rock, pop, dnb and the like. Instead, they are arranged into categories like fast, slow, punchy, electro, hi-gain and smooth. Even my nine-year-old son could find the appropriate preset in a minute.

Voxengo Marquis Compressor

Maybe not as intuitive as Elephant but this one has nice, clean sound that can not be found with most of its competitors. It has plenty of presets.
Home Remodeling 1
Written by Kevin Breidenbach - aka synthgeek  
Sunday, 06 April 2008 00:00
Wusikstation VSTi Sounds
Home Remodeling 1
by Kevin Breidenbach - aka synthgeek
Size: 25.6 Meg, 15 Presets and 7Sounds.
MP3 Example



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